We decide how we want to work – but technology will guide us.

Those who prefer to leave things as they are have never had it easy. In the future, however, those who refuse to make progress are likely to find it all the more difficult. The corona pandemic is forcing us to rethink not only in our private lives, but also in the professional context.

At the moment it seems extremely unlikely that one day the entire staff will appear in the office together again. However, it is just as unrealistic to transfer the entire team to the home office forever. But for the offices to fill up again, at least bit by bit, employers must create the appropriate environment. And to do that, we will almost certainly have to embrace a lot of new technologies.

The American analysis firm CB Insights recently summarized the various innovations in a very readable article – and sketched out a scenario of how a day at the office could run in future.

Contactless checkpoints are already waiting in the lobby, measuring body temperature among other things – only those who don’t have a fever are allowed in. A finger scan can be used to call the elevator and open the office door so that no one has to touch a button. Biometric sensors ensure that employees keep their distance and sound the alarm if there are too many people in the building. And the air as well as monitors and keyboards are cleaned using UV technologies installed on the ceiling.

Sounds like a utopia from a science fiction movie? Doesn’t sound like one: The CB Insights text mentions numerous start-ups from all over the world that already offer the corresponding technologies.

Of course, these innovations will create new privacy concerns. Health data is sensitive and must be protected accordingly. But at the same time, investments in smart technologies and intelligent buildings are likely to pay off twice over. Even if the corona virus were to disappear one day, a safe and pleasant working environment is always worthwhile, whether employees work from home or in the office.

Source: ada – Brief aus der Zukunft