Sustainable. Liveable. Onwards. Workable.

Slow. Yet always further.

We still need growth, after all. We can discuss the speed.

The thesis advocated by fair-weather philosophers that the pandemic will be a salutary shock leading to a better, more sustainable world is wrong. Forced renunciation and economic decline do not make anything better. Less is not more, but less.

It has been a mistake since Corona times to believe that it benefits the environment when the economy shrinks. For a few months of lockdown, the sky may look a little bluer. But where will the money come from that is needed for climate-friendly technologies and the restructuring of industry, energy supply, agriculture? Certainly not from countries struggling with unemployment and growing social costs.

The two goals of “less growth” and “less poverty” unfortunately do not go hand in hand. In the real world, the statistical correlation looks like this: When the economy shrinks, poverty grows. Thousands of companies are facing bankruptcy, hundreds of thousands of people fear for their jobs.